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Announcing! IXth International Otter Colloquim, Maryland USA, 4th-10th June 2004

Asian Otter Links

"Otters on Mt. Kailash". Aniruddha Mookerjee, The Hindu (India), 26 January 2003. This animal has never been a priority species. So, is the otter doomed?

IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group (Asian Section)
Workshop on "Otters as the Ambassasdors of Wetlands", New Delhi, 3rd & 4th March 2002.
Photos from the Workshop
"Serious business for playful otters", The Pioneer, New Delhi,
7th March 2003

Workshop on the Conservation and Public Awareness of Otters
held at the National Museum of Natural Sciences, Taichung, Taiwan, December 9-10, 1999.
Report in the International Conservation Newsletter Issue 7-4, The Society for Wildlife & Nature, Taiwan.
Report by Jan Reed Smith for the River Otter Alliance at Otternet


Mustelids, Viverrids and Herpestids of India: Species Profile and Conservation Status
by S. A. Hussain, WIldlife Institute of India.

Indonesian Otter Network
maintained by Irwansyah Reza Lubis

Hiroshi Sasaki's webpage (in Japanese)

Korean Otter webpage (in Korean), appears to be based mainly on:
Sungyong Han. 1997. The Ecological studies of Eurasian otter(Lutra lutra) in South Korea. 
Dept. of Biol., Kyungnam Univ., Ph.D. Thesis, 112pp.

Second Smooth otter cub born in Singapore mangroves, N. Sivasothi, 20th May 2000.
Smooth-coated otter in Singapore - eyewitness account and photos, Nick Baker, Ecology Asia, August 2000.
Smooth-coated otters at Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve,
6th July 2003.
Otters in Sungei Buloh Nature Park, Singapore,
The Straits Times photo special

Otters in Singapore mangrove,
N. Sivasothi, 1999. A short account from a mangrove guidebook.

Reintroduction of Singapore Fauna into the forest reserves
by Francis Lim, date unknown, possibly 1998 or later.
A short report about the re-introduction of the Small-clawed otter in Sungei Buloh Nature Park.

Eurasian Otter discovered in Kinmen
News report, 3rd December 1999.

Article in Pattaya Mail

Otter-ly Charming, The Nation (Thailand), 23rd November 1997. A symbol of wetlands, otters are cute, friendly, playful and intelligent. So why don't they receive more attention in Asia? JAMES FAHN reports.

Otter conservation tops the agenda for U Minh Thuong
Vietnamese News Agency, Friday, 1st March 2002

"U Minh Thuong's otters face survival fight",
Vietnam News Agency, Monday, 25 March 2002

"Wanted: some rat cunning" by Tran Dinh Thanh Lam
Vietnamese News Agency, Monday, 18 March 2002



The Small-clawed Otter, Amblonyx cinereus (Illiger, 1815)
Amblonyx cinereus (Asian Clawless Otter, Asian Small-Clawed Otter),
by Nitzan Soffer, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School student
Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan: Museum of Zoology,

The Hairy-nosed Otter, Lutra sumatrana (Gray, 1865)
Capturing the elusive Hairy-nosed Otter,
Burhanuddin Hj. Md. Nor, September 2000.

Rare animal species found in Kieân Giang,
Vietnam News, 17th December 2000.

Hairy-nosed Otter Fund
International Otter Survival Fund

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Zoos & Aquaria

Lucky Otter by Kawauso Club (Japanese)
Appears to be based on otters in zoos and aquaria in Japan; includes a list of locations.

Studbook data for Amblonyx cinereus, current to 12 Jan 2000
Studbook Keeper: Heather Guy, Adelaide Zoo
Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group, Australasian Species Management Program (ASMP)
Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria (ARAZPA)

North America
American Zoo and Aquarium Association's (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP)
Asian Small Clawed Otter Fact Sheet, 1998


New exhibit at Underwater World Langkawi, Malaysia - Small clawed Otters
Underwater World What's new, 23rd February, 2000

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IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group

Workshop on the Conservation and Public Awareness of Otters
held at the National Museum of Natural Sciences, Taichung, Taiwan, December 9-10, 1999.
Report in the International Conservation Newsletter Issue 7-4, The Society for Wildlife & Nature, Taiwan.
Report by Jan Reed Smith for the River Otter Alliance at Otternet

VIIIth International Otter Colloquim - Chile, South America, 20th to 25th January 2001
Official webpage
Interim page - updated, 18th January 2001

Workshop on 'How to implement the Otter Action Plan?'
Workshop by the German Aktion Fischotterschutz e.V. and the IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group,
4 - 7 November 2000, OTTER-ZENTRUM Hankensbüttel, Germany

Launch of the 2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species,
28th September 2000

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Otters of the world

Otter Net - "An Otter Family Album", compiled and photographed by J. Scott Shannon.

International Otter Survival Fund

Amblonyx Otter Site
Very nicely presented site, with a page of links to zoos with otters (and webpages).

Otter Freak's cove

Frank Otter's homepage

Matthew's Otter Pages

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European Otter

The Otter Trust, UK

Operation Otter - Devon Wildlife Trust, UK

Cornwall Otter Trust, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, UK
Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary - the cornish otter sanctuary.

Eurasian Otters in Anglesey, North Wales, U.K
With links to a monthly diary on the work of their Otter Project and otter news from North Wales.

Aktion Fischotterschultz, Germany

Not the official Otter Zentrum webpage, Germany

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South America: Giant Otter, Pteronura brasiliensis

The Peruvian Giant Otter Research and Conservation Project

Giant Otter Conservation Project - travel page supporting conservation groups.

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North American River Otter, Lontra canadensis

The New York River Otter Project

Nebraska State Wildlife - Otters

Missouri Department of Conservation Otter pages

Indiana Division of Fish & Wildlife: River Otter Reintroduction Programme

Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game - River Otter

River Otter
Ecology and Conservation of Illinois' Fur Resources: Species Accounts,
Illinois Department of Natural Resources, January 2002.

Photos of of the River Otter, Tim Daniels,
Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Otter Habitat, York Haven, Pennsylvania, USA.

National Geographic Wildcam

River Otter Games by Twin Groves Virtual Wetlands Preserve team

River otter printout from Enchanted Learning - for kids to colour.

Tracking River Otters by Bob Arnebeck

Okee the Otter's WWWaterweb by Jerry A. Gadden

Rabbit and Otter, the bungling host,
a Native American Legend.

The Gift of the Bear - contains a reference to the otter in North American folklore.
Midwest SOARRING WINGS, Summer 1998,
The Newsletter of Midwest Save Our Ancestors Remains & Resources Indigenous Network Group

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Sea Otter

What's Wrong with the California Sea Otter? By James A. Estes
USGS Sound Waves, February 2002

Current sea otter research projects at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

Sea Otter Research and Conservation Program (SORAC),
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Centre For Biological Diversity - Sea Otter

Upwelling on the web: Sea Otters by Clay Phillips

Friends of the Sea Otter

Sea Otter Campaign with a link to a sea otter list-server

The Otter Project

Inside the Otter nursery (at Seaworld),
Discovery Online

Ask Shamu: Sea Otters (has distribution map)

Sea Otter Quiz Game
Surfing the net with kids, by Barbara J. Feldman 

Coal Creek Wildlife: River Otter page, by kids from 1998 Coal Creek Elementary School.

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More Links...

Marine Mammals (Otterforschung)

From the media
Rabid otter bites fisherman, 25th April 2002.
News Channel 200.com

"Otter drowns dog in Pasco County lake, attacks would-be rescuer", (in Florida). Associate Press, 5th May, 2001. Unusual otter attack kills dog, another report, from St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Bay

"Sea otter 'serial killer' gets life", 26 Apr 2001, iafrica.com

"Balance sought in sea otter conflict",
Environmental News Network, 24 March 1999; with links to related news.

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