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Mon 11 Apr 2005

Delhi police recover leopard, otter skins

Category : trade

"Delhi police recover leopard, otter skins." NDTV Correspondent. 07 Apr 2005.

New Delhi - Delhi police have seized a consignment of 45 leopard skins and 14 otter skins.

The Delhi police received a tip off from one of their sources that this consignment was on it's way to Nepal. From there it would probably have gone to Tibet and then on to China.

Three people, one Tibetan and two Nepalis, have been placed under arrest. But they were just the couriers.

Most of the skins had signatures in Tibetan script on them and were in very good condition.

"The signatures mean that the skins have been checked for quality and are ready to be sent abroad. That's how it works as somebody is sent down to ensure the skins are genuine and then the consignment is passed," said Belinda Wright, Wildlife Protection Society of India.

The whole consignment would have been worth around Rs 50 lakhs in the international market. It's now for the police and Forest Department to investigate how many people were involved in this racket.

In the last couple of years, Delhi has emerged as a major centre for wildlife trade in the country and there are already 240 wildlife crime cases registered here.

It's only through concerted efforts like these by the police that wildlife trade can be tackled.

(c) 2004 NDTV. All rights reserved.

Thanks to Debby Ng for the alert.

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