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Fri 13 Apr 2007

Otter Specialist Group Bulletin: Vol 23 (Oct 2006) online

Category : publications

Scientists, managers and conservationists around the world studying otters and providing to the World Conservation Union (IUCN) are in a specialist group of their own callled the Otter Specialist Group (OSG). The Bulletin, which started in 1986, is an important communication tool for the group and is maintained by Arno Gutleb.

The difficulties in funding the publication were overcome by going electronic in 2006. The OSG webpage now hosts an excellent repository - copies of bulletin dating back to 1986. The Otter Specialist webpage at otterspecialistgroup.org was taken over by Lesley Wright and has a a clean interface,easy to read text and just enough colour to be attractive. Lovely!

Editor Arno Gutleb and webmaster Lesley Wright have just announced the availability of last year's issue online: click to see ">Vol 23 (Oct 2006).

Issue 24 is currently under preparation and Arno welcomes submisssions. See the guidelines for authors.

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