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Thu 13 Jan 2005

In the media

Category : news

INDIA 2003 - " Otters on Mt. Kailash" by Aniruddha Mookerjee, The Hindu (India), 26 Jan 2003. This animal has never been a priority species. So, is the otter doomed?

IRAQ 2001 - "Mammals, such as the smooth coated otter, that exist only in the marshlands are now considered extinct." Source - "The Fertile Crescent, One Of The World's Most Important Wetlands, Devastated By Drainage." Space Daily, 18 May 2001 [pdf].

SINGAPORE 2002 - Deferment of reclamation at Chek Jawa, a wetland habitat with several ecosystems as a result of research and education efforts. January 2002.

SINGAPORE 2002 - "You otter see this", by Ginnie Teo, The Straits Times, 05 Apr 2002.

INDIA, 2002 - "Serious business for playful otters", The Pioneer, New Delhi, 07 Mar 2002

VIETNAM 2002 - "Otter conservation tops the agenda for U Minh Thuong", Vietnamese News Agency, Friday, 01 Mar 2002.
"U Minh Thuong's otters face survival fight", Vietnam News Agency, Monday, 25 Mar 2002.
"Wanted: some rat cunning" by Tran Dinh Thanh Lam", Vietnamese News Agency, Monday, 18 Mar 2002.

THAILAND 1997 - Otter-ly Charming, The Nation (Thailand), 23 Nov 1997. A symbol of wetlands, otters are cute, friendly, playful and intelligent. So why don't they receive more attention in Asia? James Fahn reports.

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