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Fri 06 Oct 2006

Otter Specialist Group webpage relaunched!

Category : news

21 Sep 2006 - The IUCN Otter Specialist Group (OSG) relaunched its web site today. Speaking of the launch of the new web, Dr. Jim Conroy, the Chairman of the IUCN OSG said:

"The reappearance of the OSG Website means that once again people interested in otters can find an important source of information. Not only will it be a means of disseminating information to those working on these charismatic species, it will also be a source of information for the wider general public.

However, I see a new and important role of our web site - the ability, through these Press Releases, to keep people well informed about ongoing events that might affect otters, such as the effect of an oil spill."

In addition to giving the usual back ground information on the worlds otters, it will also keep interested parties up to date with news items. The OSG web will be the channel to advertise the meetings and conferences held every year, to reach the wider community. It will also give up to date information on published works on the various species and where copies of these might be obtained.

In addition the web page will be the home of OSGs own bulletin where members and others are encouraged to publish the results of their own studies. Many past copies of the Bulletin are currently available on the site, and there is an ongoing project to digitize the rest.

Source: OSG press release.

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