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Fri 23 Mar 2007

Cute Otters features photos and videos of otters worldwide!

Category : captive

Cute Otters has been featuring "pictures & videos of the world's cutest animal, the otter," since Peter who started the site says "I've always thought that otters were the cutest animal on the earth so I thought I'd dedicate a whole web site to them. This site is also to bring awareness of sea otters being on the endangered species list."

Peter is scanning the web for otter pictures and videos from webpage and blogs and people are also sending him images. He has an RSS feed, so its a wonderful resource!

However, he doesn't usually provide a common or scientific name of the species featured, so you have to figure that out for yourself, perhaps with some help from online resources!

Do also remember that Asian small-clawed otters are common in non-Asian zoos and that there are no native otters in Australia and New Zealand! Well, have some fun doing that!

Photo by Andy Critchfield, taken at London Zoo.

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